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Garntner CRM Cool Vendors in CRM study - worth a (free) look. gartner crm market.png

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Michael Gerard, VP IDC Executive Advisory Group shared an insightful research report on the next generation Sales Operations Team. This report is available at no cost to our members.


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Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80% of gamification projects will fail. Bunchball, a gamification vendor fires back saying, "bad gamification works." Should we send a "attaboy" badge to Gartner for having the guts to predict the future in round percentage points, or hit a gong to salute Bunchball's courage to contradict Gartner? What's your experience with gamification?

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Mike Kunkle:

I'd bet on a large chunk of gamification efforts failing to produce intended results, only because a large percentage of change efforts fall short, in general, because of poor execution.

This isn't a slam on gamification, it's a slam on how poorly we  drive change in organizations (on average).  Just like with sales training, gamification done poorly will produce poor results, compared to expectations or the full potenjtial.

Done well, it will produce great results. No rocket science here, right? 

I'm hoping that the goodness in well-executed gamification will strongly influence training for years to come. And good grief, I don't mean more Jeapordy games (*groan*), but the use of gamification concepts to create interest, and encourage engagement. 

In the end, though, it kind of makes you want to focus on sharpening our execution skills, doesn't it? ;-)  

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The SalesOpShop wants to keep a "spam free" environment. All posts that are self-serving will be removed.

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Mike Kunkle:

Gerhard, I respect, want to comply, that and have a question to ensure I do. 

For those of us who blog, and expend a lot of energy capturing thoughts there, what is the SalesOpShop policy on posting blog links to your own blog, if a relevant discussion is started here around the same topic?

My blog is a non-pro blog (by that, I mean no ads, I'm not a consultant, and not selling anything) but a place where I hope to have a lot of good conversation and share ideas. Yet, it would take traffic there, at least for reading the post, but then if posted here, I would expect people to comment on the thread started back here.

What is your and the community's take on that? I typically don't mind when people do that in LinkedIn groups. What bugs me is the gratuitous "link and run" to drive traffic or market, with no effort to start a discussion in the group or share ideas there. Thoughts?

Replied 2 years ago
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