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Xactly's sales compensation management solutions help companies of all sizes incent right, and sell more.  Xactly solutions are used by companies of all sizes to successfully incent and motivate their sales teams -- without the use of cumbersome and inefficient spreadsheets. Using Xactly applications, sales leaders can easily and affordably design, implement, manage, and audit highly efficient and effective sales compensation programs. Xactly solutions are designed to improve accuracy and timeliness of compensation programs, put control and visibility in the hands of the finance and executive teams, and support ongoing modifications to comp plans. 

Xactly Products

Xactly Express

Xactly Express is a straightforward sales compensation management tool designed to help growing companies save time and improve the bottom line. For businesses looking to inspire fewer than 100 sales people, Express is the only tool you need to automate incentives, gain visibility and improve accuracy. With Express, growing businesses gain:

  • Real-time visibility that motivates sales
  • Integration with popular CRM systems
  • Fast, automated comp calculations
  • Easy-to-understand dashboards, quick reports
  • Rapid deployment of a cost-effective solution

Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is an enterprise-strength sales compensation management tool that amplifies sales by simplifying the management of enterprise incentive plans. Incent helps companies with complex incentives or multiple business units create flexible, transparent comp plans. It reduces processing time and errors. Turn sales incentives into a strategic revenue driver with features like:

  • Run commissions for thousands of reps in minutes
  • Provide real-time visibility to motivate sales
  • Integrate with popular CRM systems such as, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamic

Additional Modules to Xactly Incent

  • Xactly Analytics lets you use validated sales data to answer critical questions about your business like which products are most profitable, or which territories contribute most to your numbers.
  • Xactly Modeling helps you answer "what if" scenarios without risking your budget or reputation. Use production data in a model environment to see the effects of plan changes before you make them.
  • Xactly Views is a report service for Xactly Incent that allows you to customize reports to meet your specific needs. Views lets you combine sales data with data from any other system to create a comprehensive view of your business.
  • Xactly Credit Assignment provides an end to end solution for automating territory management and credit assignment processes. With Credit Assignment, companies can optimize sales coverage, balance workloads, and assign sales professionals to the most appropriate territories based on a variety of attributes.
  • Xactly DELTA is a managed service that helps you move data you need out of disparate systems and into Incent.
  • Xactly eDocs & Approvals helps you manage compensation documents like plans and certification letters, and lets you create reusable custom workflows to manage document routing, review, and approval.
  • Xactly Sandbox replicates your Incent environment, allowing you to freely experiment with all the nuances of your compensation system while leaving your production environment unaffected. When you find something that works, Sandbox lets you easily migrate changes to production.

Xactly Customers

Concur, InsideView, LinkedIn, NBC Universal, Yamaha, Walgreens, DHL. See a full list of customers here:

About Xactly

Xactly Corporation is headquartered in San Jose, California, and operates regional offices in Denver, India and the UK. It sells directly and also through partnerships with such companies as, Oracle and Microsoft. Ranked #49 on The Wall Street Journal's Next Big Thing List (Top 50 Venture-Funded Companies) in 2012, Xactly has more than 500 customers in verticals ranging from Communications, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Software and more. The company was recently named a "market leader" for 2012 by CRM Magazine

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clip_image002.jpg CEO, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer: Christopher W. Cabrera

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