Why Salesforce?

A globally known enterprise computer software company, is best known for its customer relationship management products and services. With Sales Cloud, your sales representatives can arm themselves with better communication tools and a private social network. Salesforce Chatter allows your team to collaborate and innovate. Social enterprises leverage social, mobile, and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business.

Salesforce Customers

Salesforce customers include Burberry, NBC Universal, Avon, GE Capital, Electronic Arts, Wells Fargo Bank, and the Royal Dutch Airlines, to name a few.   

About Salesforce

Founded in 1999 by Mark Benioff and Parker Harris, has emerged as a strong competitor in the social-enterprise arena. Part of this success is due to some high-profile acquisitions. Recent acquisitions include Buddy Media, Stypi, Rypple, Model Metrics, Assistly, and Radian6. The company's main focus is to create social enterprises that are efficient enough to leverage open cloud technologies, as well as social and mobile technologies to satisfy customers and increase sales results.

The Salesforce CRM solution is broken down into categories: Custom Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, Data Cloud, Service Cloud, and Sales Cloud. The Sales Cloud can be accessed anywhere and at anytime, and its collaboration tool, Chatter, arms sales reps with complete customer profiles and account history. The Service Cloud allows companies to track and identify case sources and then filter them to determine which are most important.

To make things easier for company executives and employees who are on the go, Salesforce offers an application that is accessible on such mobile devices as the BlackBerry and iPhone.

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