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Why Miller Heiman?

Miller Heiman has been defining and documenting successful selling for more than 30 years. The company produces the largest, most comprehensive global research study on sales effectiveness: Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study. This study, combined with Miller Heiman's experience working shoulder to shoulder with the world's leading companies, has kept the company relevant over three decades of rapid change. Miller Heiman has had an impact on the careers of more than 1 million alumni. 

Miller Heiman Customers

Miller Heiman's client base benefits from a wide range of substantive capabilities and includes large businesses, as well as small companies.

About Miller Heiman

Miller Heiman was started in 1978. The company offers many customized programs and winning methodologies that include the following:

Conceptual Selling® Customer Focused Interactions provides a simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

Strategic Selling® helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities. Sales teams will use the popular Blue Sheet to develop action plans to successfully sell solutions that require approval from multiple decision makers.

Funnel ScoreCard® provides sales organizations with a method to quickly and systematically identify the best opportunities to pursue. This program offers the framework to make fact-based decisions around resource allocation and time management.

Negotiate Success is a customer-focused process that improves an organization's ability to reach a win-win outcome.

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