About Us

About Us


Gerhard Gschwandtner - Founder and CEO of Sales20Circle 


Welcome to our community that's designed to help sales and marketing leaders and sales operations managers collaborate to achieve three goals:
1. Connect with peers in companies of similar size as yours and learn which sales applications work best in their sales operation.
2. Learn more about the 15 essential areas of sales effectiveness, expand your knowledge through our curated and always fresh and highly focused content.
3. Participate in forums designed to harness the collective intelligence of sales and marketing leaders worldwide.

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Video Tutorials

1. How to complete your Sales20Circle Profile

2. How to find and connect with members and collaborate instantly

3. How to explore sales apps and quickly find members that use a particular app


To advance sales by connecting sales leaders and sales operations managers. We collaborate to improve salespeople, enhance processes and advance technologies.


To be the world's most dynamic sales improvement site, where members help shape the future of selling and sales technology


  • Contribution. We contribute ideas that help others avoid the pain of misinformation and benefit all members. 
    • Yes to: sharing your success, best practices, smart ideas and action steps 
    • No to: spamming and self-promotion - this site is not designed for sellers to connect with buyers for the purpose of soliciting business. Violators will lose their membership.
    • Note: spammers, self-promoters and people soliciting members with job offers will lose their membership immediately. Posts that contain self-promotion will be deleted.
  • Collaboration. None of us are as smart as all of us. We work together constructively and leverage our collective strength. 
    • Yes to: sharing research, resources and creating discussion groups
    • No to: personal attacks
  • Community. We move from "me" to "we" by joining people with a shared purpose. We enhance what we create individually by organizing and engaging as a community. 
    • Yes to: offer help, ask for help
    • No to: trivia, unrelated subjects, politics.
    • Recruiters and Consultants will not be able to obtain membership unless they sign a "no solicitation" agreement. 

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