Posted by gschwandtner gerhard – 2 years ago
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If you have seen this interactive video "Stop Making Noise and Start Making Music by Selling Better in 2013" share your comments (click on the "reply" button below), or tweet #salesopchat

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OfflinePhoto of Steve Barry Steve Barry said 2 years ago

For me the points that stood out were: can B2B learn from B2C . At Hubspot's conference last year, their CEO Brian Halligan talked a lot about learning from, and having our websites recognize the viewer and provide them with the appropriate content.  I think that's a part of the approach as well. 

The trust triangle is interesting, as well.  A big debate/discussion right now is how senior sales people need to lead with provocative ideas about how to improve a prospects business, but can you do that without a relationship and with trust.  The emotional aspect of trust, and needing to obtain that emotional aspect first, is an interesting angle I hadn't thought of yet.


OfflinePhoto of Todd McCormick Todd McCormick said 2 years ago

Great conversation gentlemen.  We need more leaders looking at this partnership between sales and marketing like the two of you.  Very refreshing and spot on.


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