Posted by gschwandtner gerhard – 2 years ago
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lipstick on a pig.JPG Successful implementation of a sales application like marketing software, gamification software or CPQ is not achieved by bolting an app on a CRM platform (see image above). Success is not the result of the technology but the consequence of the intelligent design of the underlying process.

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OfflinePhoto of Michael Gerard Michael Gerard said 2 years ago

You're certainly correct Gerhard.  I like to say that you can't simply turn on the switch for some new app. and magically see it work.  I've seen this happen time and again with Chatter.  It's a great application that can certainly help improve sales productivity (and we've done several case studies demonstrating its success); however, many companies continue to fail with its implementation since they don't apply any staff resources or process rigor to the intiative.

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